Can I stop using Indian IP addresses?

When using Warp, I keep getting blocked because it gives me an Indian IP address, so I have to turn off warp to login to services.
Is there any way to set it to only use UK IP addresses?

How did you know it was an Indian IP address?

Many sites will detect your location base don your IP, so I did a geolocation lookup myself to confirm.

Can you show us the screenshot of the IP lookup result?

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no, since Cloudflare does not give you a static IP, it changes. So my IP today is not the same as it was yesterday or the day before.

However if you want to check your own IP/geolocation, then you can do it here

Happy cake day, and no, you can’t change your ‘location’ or the server you connect to with Warp

You can visit to see the geolocation after you enabled Warp.

If it is India, can you try to disable and enable Warp back and see if you got a new IP address?

lol, that site does not nothing different than the one I mentioned. So clealry this is what I am already doing.

that is pretty bad, that actually makes using warp a security problem.
Services, such as Google, Microsoft etc, detect unusual account activity which includes accessing and logins from unexpected locations.
So if you are constantly showing as logging in from completely different countries and telling these services “yes this was me”, then when there really is unusual activity, it won’t be detected.

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