Can I stop Cloudflare issuing 404 Error Pages etc


I am using the FREE version of Cloudflare and prior to singing up I had all of my error pages like 404 etc redirected to one page on my site. This has stopped happening since I signed up, and if I want to redirect again it looks as though I have to be on one of the paid versions of Cloudflare.
Is there a way round this ?


Do you have a URL as example?



That 404 does come from your server. Could it be that your configuration relies on something that is not given anymore when tunneled through Cloudflare? How did you configure the 404 page? Does it say anything in the logs?


If I enter
in my browser

It takes me here …

Which is my desired destination for all error pages

But if I enter a known false address like
I get this the cPanel 404 error page.


404.shtml simply reloads redirect.html via JavaScript but that does not example how an inexisting page should lead to 404.shtml.


Yes, but prior to Cloudflare, the shtml error pages would be called up, and then re-direct.


Hence I asked about your configuration.


I did not do any configuration. They just existed from my previous hosting company. I had them sitting on my Computer and uploaded them into my new Host. I have never configured error pages in any way, other than adding re-directs to the ones provided.


I will go back to cPanel on my Host and see what is available.
Many thanks !


That might be the problem, they simply dont work on the new host. Or did they on the new host before you migrated to Cloudflare?

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