Can I setup PROXY_PASS on Cloudflare level?

I have a basic setup on Stackpath right now, and I’m looking to migrate into Cloudflare

  • I have a main site (example com)
  • I created a subdomain (sub example com)

I setup a PROXY_PASS rule to see the subdomain as a subdirectory from the main site (example com/sub/)

I’m not able to do the same with Cloudflare,

Thanks in advance

You could possibly (not that I have tried it yet) achieve this with workers, but not out-of-the-box.

However you could still implement this server-side and simply tunnel it through Cloudflare, couldnt you?

I’ll try with worker (not sure how so far)

  • Yes and no, two thing here, if I can have the control on my end for nginx it’s totally possible,
    but this isn’t the case, I’m running the sites on pantheon and kinsta. So I need to do it at CDN or Cloud DNS level.


This might help:

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