Can I setup my registartor via NS-record (zones management) for only one subdomain and not to change DNS settings?

I have a domain on some registrator and have get a lot of subdomains for different usage which have different IPs.
I do not want setup DNS with Cloudflare addresses for whole domain because I do not want to transmit queries for all subdomains to Cloudflare. I want to transmit only one subdomain to Cloudflare.

I have tried to setup zones in my registrator by adding two NS-records like:

  1. Type=NS subdomain=X priority=0
  2. Type=NS subdomain=X priority=1

And I have deleted from my registrator record:
Type=A subdomain=X
And I have added it (only one record) to Cloudflare:
Type=A Name=X TTL=automatic Status=DNS+http proxy

But it does not work. Overview page shows:
Status: Website not active (DNS modification pending)

Is it possible to setup all I want via NS-records in my registrator (not touching global DNS settings)?

Generally not, you need to add the base domain. AFAIK the Enterprise plan does support arbitrary sub-levels domains but this probably is not what you were after.

Thank you for reply. :frowning_face:

“…but this probably is not what you were after” - are your words about “Enterprise plan” or about “support arbitrary sub-levels domains” ? :upside_down_face:

The former.

Thanks :slightly_smiling_face:

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