Can i setup Cloudflare enterprise for a CSGO Server?

Hello, I wanted to ask - Can I setup Cloudflare Enterprise for a game server ( CSGO game server )
Well in other words a CSGO Online server.

I Know its Good for Minecraft servers (we are already using that for our servers, it’s working like a charm)

I don’t know how to set it up a CSGO server, so I ask you guys…

Please guide me on how to do
it’s working with my public IP, not with CF IP
Cloudflare Enterprise plan is what I’m using,
please help me with a guide or something that is helpful to setup
step by step
because I can’t find any based on CSGO setup in Cloudflare
it will help others too, for those who are looking for the same.

Do you already have CF enterprise, or no? Because if you don’t, then getting it will cost thousands of dollars a month or more.

yes we already have CF enterprise
were using that from a reseller

@Judge @sdayman

As per this, you’ll need to set up Spectrum applications for all of these ports. The following page has a video that shows how to go through the process, which you can do for each port (but use the same subdomain for each):

If you don’t see the TCP or UDP options in spectrum, then you’ll need to talk to your reseller to get that added since it is usually an additional cost for enterprise users.

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