Can I serve video or large files through argo tunnel

Hello, I am planning to host nextcloud(a file hosting service) in my homelab. Since by ISP has put me behind a NAT, I plan to use the free Cloudflare Tunnel to expose it to the internet. However clause 2.8 of the self serve agreement prevents me from serving disproportionate amount of non html content. Since my server will probably be serving a good amount of files. I also plan on using nextcloud talk(a video/audio chat service), which is also non html content. Since Cloudflare Tunnel does not cache the content, just serves it will this not break clause 2.8. In my previous question, a commenter said that he used Cloudflare Tunnel for his nextcloud instance, and nothing happened. I will not use as much bandwidth as the commenter since there will fewer people using nextcloud. I will probably not get caught but I just want to be a bit safe. Also will web apps such as collabora online for nextcloud be allowed since they use it for rendering html.

From the ToS:

Use of the Services for serving video or a disproportionate percentage of pictures, audio files, or other non-HTML content is prohibited

Caching isn’t the factor, it’s serving. So absent a separate paid service/ agreement to deliver video or serve as something like a file locker it’s not covered under the Self-Serve subscription.

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2.8 isn’t about caching. It’s about traversing Cloudflare’s network, which Argo tunnel definitely does.

As for the bandwidth, my users aren’t pulling 20GB every day. They do it once, then periodically sync a very small portion of that. It’s not even a pimple-sized blip on Cloudflare’s traffic radar.

So, consider how much traffic you’re pushing, and if that may draw Cloudflare’s attention. Maybe not. Just be careful.

There is a difference between, I’m running a server at home to watch my own videos and I’m running a streaming service from my house. Somehow the folks on the latter end of the scale have :shocked pikachu: down to a science.

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