Can I select nameserver Regiom in Cloudflare?

Hi, I have previously added few domains in Dloudflare. Those domains are using “Cloudflare Nameservers” in USA region.
NS -
NS -

Recently I added a “new domain”. It is using “Cloudflare Nameservers” in Japan.
NS -
NS -

– Query 1: So, for my “new domain”, for USA visitors, data will travel through Japan, right?

But I want to use USA nameserver.

– Query 2: Can I use “USA nameserver”? is there any option in Cloudflare Free account?
– Query 3: Does nameserver location affect website performance?

Please help. Thanks.

Name servers, like the rest of Cloudflare’s equipment, is Anycast network. They respond globally at the location nearest the user.


Hi @sdayman , It sounds great. Thank You.

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