Can I run Cloudflare's primary name servers for my WHM/cPanel VPS servers? If so, what is the name servers?


Does Cloudflare have a primary & secondary name servers I can use for my WHM/cPanel VPS servers instead of my hosting companies? If so what are they domain names i.e. ns3(dot)cloudflare(dot)com & ns4(dot)cloudflare(dot)com? or is there name servers for &

My servers host only multiple different Cloudflare accounts which would have multiple name servers. I don’t run my own DNS service, but currently using my host’s name servers.

I love the speed of Cloudflare’s DNS lookups and I am only using Cloudflare for my client’s, so I might as well use Cloudflare as my server’s name servers.

Can I use any of these? or are others cloudflare name server I can use?

fred(dot)ns(dot)cloudflare(dot)com, jean(dot)ns(dot)cloudflare(dot)com



Hi @WaveCutter, Cloudflare name servers use first names (yes, like and

But, using a random name won’t help you. You need to register the zone/domain with cloudflare, You can select the free plan if that meets the need. After signup, you’ll get two nameservers; give those to your registrar to update.


What if I have multiple domains using different accounts in the cpanel part, but I am using one of using cloudflare registered domain for the server hostname. Do I use them? And will they resolve properly inside of cloudflare and outside? I have over 20 cloudflare accounts already for my clients.


Thanks for your reply. I still learning learning difference from DNS to DNSSEC and adding DKIM, DMARC and SPF to domain.


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