Can i restore everything previous to purging?

Hi. I used yesterday Cloudflare Caching option and Purged Everything and everything went crazy.

All the traffic dropped to zero. Also adsense and other ads displayed on website are not showing anymore.

Can somebody help me please?
Can i restore everything previous to purging?
What can i do to solve this? Thank you.

You cannot undo a cache purge. As long as your origin server is working properly, Cloudflare will simply request the resource again and store it in cache.

Could you please share the domain name?

i’ve found similiar issue posted here on this thread:

But it not helped me. Don’t know what the issue in my case.

Solved this. For everyone who encounters a similar problem.
It seems that if you have wordpress installed and have additional cache plugins it interacts with them.
De-Activate all the Cache - Optimization - Speeding website plugins and wait for 5-10 minutes and everything should be like before.

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