Can I resolve the ip address using local network's domain controller?

I got a domain controller in my local network which resolves the PC names and user credentials. I have setup the cloudflared Tunnel on my NAS to provide a linkage from cloudflared to my local network. I’ve tested that I am able to connect to the VMs on my NAS using the ip address directly (connected Cloudflared WARP). The question is, can I use the PC name instead to connect my VMs?

P.S. I’m new to networking and may need more instruction to solve the issuem, thanks.

Use local domain fallback to send DNS queries for specific domains (.local, .lan,, etc, etc) to the resolver on your LAN.

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I’ve set up the local domain Fall back, but it seems that it still doesn’t send the DNS queries to my domain controller.

Ensure your tunnel is configured with the CIDR for the whole LAN (/24) and not just for the tunnel device (/32) (although I guess it is as you can access by IP address).