Can I remove rocket-loader.min.js from specific pages?

Rocket loader makes my website fast but putting rocket-loader.min.js in unnecessary places.
Any setting or code to stop it.
Thanks in advance.

You can either add a Page Rule for that URL that turns Rocket Loader ‘Off’, or inline some code so it ignores a .js reference:

Or…turn Rocket Loader off, then use a Page Rule to enable it for the front page only.

With just three Page Rules on a free plan, you’ll have to weigh your options.

Hi Sdayman, Thank you very much for your reply. The best solution would be " inline some code so it ignores a .js reference: "

If you paste the code that would be great if not I will get one of developers.

Thanks again


The script code is in the Cloudflare Support link I posted above.

Hi Sdayman

The code does work :frowning:

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