Can I remove "Always use HTTPS" page rule if the SSL/TLS is set to "Full"?

I have a page rule: http://** set to Always Use HTTPS.

I also have set TLS/SSL to “Full”.

I need to free up one page rule. So can I safely remove the “Always Use HTTPS” . I think that is now redundant since TLS/SSL is set to “Full”? I may be wrong.

Am I right in my thinking? If not, can anyone please guide.

Thank you very much!

sighs, not the best choice…

You should choose Full (strict) and only full strict!

The reason why? It’s explained in this article by @sandro:

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You can set this in the SSL settings: That is global and doesn’t require a page rule.

Neither full nor full strict require / force a redirect to https for http traffic.


I can’t seem to find the global “Always use HTTPS” setting! The blog you linked to just says “You’ll find this option just above the HTTP Strict Transport Security setting” but where is THAT? :smiley:

EDIT OK never mind I found it under “Edge Certificates”. sorry I got confused.

(There’s no “search for a setting” option on the CF dashboard, is there?)

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