Can I remove A record pointing to my registrar

I pointed my DNS from namecheap to Cloudflare. Do I Need to maintain the A record that points back to Namecheap? I want to use Cloudflare as my primary DNS for all records and subdomains. I’m not running any email on my registrar either.


Yes, if you’re hosting a website, otherwise no. I only use my domain for email, so have no A or AAAA records associated with it.

Let me rephrase as your answer is even more confusing. I’m not hosting anytihng at the registar. I do want crate records to point to my CMS site for funnels. So again. If there is an A record or CNAME point back to the registar (namecheap) do I need to keep it?


You could always make a note of what the record contains and then delete it. That way if if you are unhappy with the result, you can recreate the record.

You didn’t mention hosting; it sounded more like you were parking your domain. If you have full DNS at CF and you’re not hosting at NC, then there’s no need to point any records there, only to your CMS host.

perfect. Thank you. I was in the middle of setting up addtional cname and a name records when I noticed the references back to namecheap and I wanted to be sure I could delete them. FYI, setting up subdomains for tracking and pointing the main domain to GoHighLevel for funnels.


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