Can I "purge everything?"

I have a Wordpress website. I recently made some changes in Theme (overall color scheme etc. Nothing major.). I want to reflect the change, so I want to purge cache. In my Cloudflare dashboard, I only have “purge everything” or “purge cache by page” as options. (I cannot choose other options.) But because the changes are in the Theme, “purge by page” is not an option for me. However, Cloudflare warns me “Don’t purge everything unless it’s definitely necessary.” It scares me. Will I get into trouble if I purge everything? Basically what I want to avoid is Google detects the slow speed, and start categorizing my site as slow. (currently I have “good” ratings for everything on GSC etc)
Can anyone shed light on how I can purge cache to reflect the change in my Theme without damaging my SEO performance?

Thank you,

Just use purge everything. Don’t overthink it, there isn’t really an alternative if you made major changes to the layout.

OK thank you so much. I will do so.

Much appreciated!

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