Can I point to the cloudflare nameserver ip address rather than the nameserver itself?

I am currently using advanced dns in my domain registrar as I am pointing the domain name to my hosting rather than using simple dns nameservers and also I am hosting my mail with zoho. Is it correct to translate the nameservers I get from Cloudflare to an ip address and then use that in advanced dns as A records?

I am asking this as I am afraid if I use nameservers under simple custom dns I will lose my email functionality from zoho.

If you asking about custom vanity nameservers, you’ll need the Business plan.

If you wanted to use your existing DNS with Cloudflare functionality, you need to use CNAME setup which will also require Business plan.

You can however, use the free Cloudflare DNS, change the nameserver at your registrar and then transfer MX record, SPF and DKIM to Cloudflare Dashboard to keep your Zoho Mail.