Can I point (CNAME) subdomains at different servers?

I have a few subdomains pointing at a CF tunnel; everything is working well. I’m trying to setup a new subdomain (CNAME) that points at a website that’s hosted elsewhere ( but I’m getting a 1014 error. I’ve searched the heck out of “1014 error” but either the answers aren’t applicable or (more likely) I’m not understanding them.

Yes, you can point CNAME subdomains anywhere you want. That target just needs to be properly set up for that hostname, just like if you were using an A record.

I don’t think this has anything to do with tunnels. Tunnels are accessed through the DNS record, but you’re saying that your DNS record points elsewhere.

I’m pretty sure that the issue is that is not properly set up for that hostname. 1014 means you’re pointing to someone else’s Cloudflare hostname.

You’ll have to work with to make sure they have your subdomain hostname configured in their system.


I think I get it now… So is also using Cloudflare and that’s why I’m having this problem? I’m having enough problems with their site generator that I think I’ll just self-host the site. Problem solved.

You can try setting that DNS record to :grey: DNS Only so you’re not trying to proxy an already proxied site. Because they’re already using Cloudflare, your settings won’t have much, if any, effect.