Can I pay for 12 months at once?

I am shuvo from Bangladesh Army International University of Science and Technology, BAIUST. We are planning to upgrade our plan from Free to Pro! I had some questions which need detailed clarifications.

  1. Is there any extra charge except that $20/Month plan?
  2. Can I pay for 12 Months at once?
  3. I don’t want to make monthly payments, I want to pay for a year or two. So is that possible?
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Hi @baiustICT,

Cloudflare offers a number of add-ons that are billed separately from the Pro plan. If you try to enable one of these add-ons, you will be informed of the additional charges and required to agree with them before proceeding.

Please send an email to billing AT cloudflare DOT com with a request to have annual billing enabled on your account. Then reply here with the ticket # so @Laurie can take a look :slightly_smiling_face:

Here is the ticket number.
TICEKT ##2337397

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Thank you @albert

Hi @baiustICT,
Your ticket has been escalated, please note that in some instances we do have annual plans, and your account can be updated via the ticket.


Thank you @Laurie
And how shall I make that payment? Can I pay for half yearly (6 Months) or do I have to pay for 12 months? I want to make my payment on 7th January 2022.

Hi @baiustICT,
Our team has to enable your account for annual payments, and no there is not a semi annual option. Please note that when you pre-pay for a year, the same terms of service applies.


Thank you @Laurie .
I will talk to my superiors and take necessary actions.


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