Can I pause my service?


I need to check if my configuration of SSL/TLS has been done correctly through Let’s Encrypt, but Cloudflare services are stopping me from checking these.

Now I would like to pause all of the services within the cPanel to be able to do all the checks. Is it possible?

My server has its own Firewall, AV, SpamAssassin, Watchdog etc features due it’s a dedicated server, but as long as Cloudflare interferes I can’t run it properly.


Are you on a Cloudflare Partner setup? i.e. you signed up for Cloudflare through your host rather than directly?

In the Cloudflare dash, on the overview tab, there is a pause option under Advanced Actions.

If, however you don’t have access to this and are setup through a partner, I would suggest you contact them to ask - alternatively, you should be able to set the :orange: to :grey: somewhere?


I signed in directly.

My server host doesn’t do business with Cloudflare other than allow extensions through the Plesk panel, but that’s nothing I use. I have an account here and I set up everything manually.


In which case,


Thanks! Testing if it works as it should.

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Wow, key length just turned over from 256 to 2048. Seems to work just perfect. And no vulnerabilities anywhere in the certificates or anything else, especially the Heartbleed bug as of what Cloudflare has.

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