Can I migrate a domain from one account to another or no?

These two articles seem to contradict each other. One seems to present a flow for migrating a domain from one Cloudflare account to another, while the other article seems to indicate that you must remove the domain from the first account before adding it to the second.

I’m investigating how we might move from a Cloudflare account that is resold through a hosting provider to an account directly with Cloudflare. Is it possible to move a domain from one account to another with no downtime (assuming you don’t break anything in the manual process from the second article)?

The flow is like this…
You set up the same domain name in the target account. No settings will be copied, so you’ll have to do that manually. The DNS zones has a handy export/import feature but you’re on your own with everything else.
Then to set the website live through the target account, you simply switch nameservers, which will be different.
After the NS change has propagated and you’re confident traffic is routed through the target account, you can then delete the domain from the original account.


Thanks @jules. The answer I needed.


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