Can I manage Zaraz tools using a backend API?

We have many websites to manage and each one has their own 3rd party scripts. We can’t scale up by manually adding each script via the Cloudflare/Zaraz website, but we could automate the scripts we want to be handled by Zaraz (some of these would be custom HTML snippets). However, I don’t see a way to basically manage the Cloudflare/Zara setup using a backend API that we could automate when our users enter in the 3rd party scripts themselves for instance.

Additionally, I think most of the time we would be adding Adobe Analytics or Google Tag Manager via the Zaraz “Custom HTML” tool, since I noticed neither Adobe Analytics nor GTM is offered via the standard “Tools” built-in by default. Does this mean that Zaraz isn’t really meant to be used to handle Adobe Analytics scripts or GTM scripts? If not then Zaraz may not be the solution we need for this.

Thanks for your response!