Can i make new cloudflare account and use it to manage my website which is already managed by cloudflare

Hi everyone, the original developer of my website has used Cloudflare to manage the DNS and he is not working with us anymore. Now I have to add some new zone records, for that, I don’t have access to the original Cloudflare account. Can I create a new account and add my domain to manage it. If yes what is the method?
Thanks for the help in advance. Your help will be much appreciated

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As long as the domain is not registered through Cloudflare, it is no different than adding a site that isn’t yet on Cloudflare.

Thanks, a lot epic. network. Just one more quick confirmation. All I need to do now is go to my domain registrar and add the new Cloudflare nameservers right?

Just don’t make the change at your registrar until you hit the step that asks you to. I almost mentioned that in my previous reply, but I figured it wasn’t too helpful, since you wouldn’t know your new Cloudflare nameservers until you reached that point. :sunglasses:

I have already created a new Cloudflare account and added my domain. Now it says pending Nameserver update and to complete the setup I have to remove the existing Cloudflare nameserver with new. This is where I am stuck.

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here is the screenshot of the screen for reference

Do you know where your domain is registered? If you are unsure, you perform a whois lookup to find out.

It is registered with go daddy

You can find a shortcut to the GoDaddy guide listed under Provider-specific instructions in the Cloudflare documentation.


Thank you for asking.

A bit different question, but I just wonder, may I ask if your web hosting provider is GoDaddy too? :thinking:

If you recently changed your domain name nameservers, you might have to wait for some time due to the DNS propagation time which usually takes up to 24 hours or sometimes even longer (48 or 72 hours) to finish completely and properly.
If you try to open your website, there might be some error(s), if so.
Could be due to the DNS cache at your local ISP provider.
If they continue, please feel free to reply back here with more feedback information.

Hopefully, you didn’t had a DNSSEC enabled before changing your domain nameservers :thinking:
I’d be helpful for us just in case to double-check, this in case of any issues, to know and if you could share a domain name here like domain . com or [dot] in case you cannot post the URL.

Furthermore, I’ve had some issues in the past as GoDaddy changed their interface.
If I may share few posts for you just to re-check if it’s still related to GoDaddy interface and nameserver change:

I am sorry to hear that you don’t have access and don’t know which of the records were there, if so.
Some could be found by checking into the online tools for DNS history, if so. But, some might not be accurate if you’re ex-devleoper used Cloudflare proxy :orange: which hides the origin IP.

Godaddy is just a registrar and the domain is managed by Cloudflare. it’s just that now I have to create a new Cloudflare account to manage the same domain as I don’t have access to the old Cloudflare account. While adding a domain to my new Cloudflare account it asks me to update nameservers to the new one which is provided to my new account. this is where I am stuck? how to replace my old Cloudflare nameservers with new ones? as you can see in the screenshot I have provided.

I wonder if it will allow me to directly change to Cloudflare nameservers? This is what default Godaddy nameservers are.

Kindly, see my post and click on those inter-linked posts about GoDaddy interface and changing nameservers for better navigation and correct way if unsure :point_up: is the domain

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Ok, thank you for feedback.

DNSSEC looks good.

I just discovered that is not registered with go daddy. the one registered with Godaddy is and is added to its DNS record as a txt record. Sorry, I didn’t realise it the entire time.

Thank you for feedback.

DNSSEC is ok for that domain too.

I can see the default domaincontrol nameservers while checking with DIG and online tools, meaning the Cloudflare nameservers aren’t yet bing recognized and applied correctly via GoDaddy interface :thinking:

;ANSWER 3600 IN NS 3600 IN NS

While for your 1st mentioned domain, I can see Cloudflare nameservers:

;ANSWER 21600 IN NS 21600 IN NS

I am confused now. again getting back to the initial question I have to log in to the admin panel of the domain registrar of and change the nameserver from there just like with Godaddy? since it shows the Cloudflare nameservers hope that is the right place to solve my problem?

You are not alone. I pointed you in the direction of GoDaddy because you indicated that is your registrar, but now that you have shared your domain, it is clear that GoDaddy is not your registrar, which leaves me puzzled as to why GoDaddy is even in the conversation.

Is Instra your domain registrar? If so, that is where you need to update your nameservers to the new Cloudflare pair that you have been assigned.

yes, i will give it a go and get back to you with result

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