Can I leave MX servers to default and still route my mails through CloudFlare?

I have created 2 email ids with hosting provider. Now, I want to add MX records to Cloudflare. But my hosting provider is telling me that there is no need to add MX records, just add A records and reset MX records to default (if they were changed). Do you think adding MX records is not required ? Would my mails still be routed through Cloudflare if I add only A records to point to Hosting server ? If it is to, I would like to know the default MX setting at Cloudflare so that I can reset MX records. Thanks!

Cloudflare does not proxy mail, just http/http(s) traffic.

You should have Mx records that point to wherever your mail server is; I’d recommend verifying what your Mx records should be. In general there’s no need to change the Mx records when migrating to Cloudflare for DNS.

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