Can i just buy ssl certificate?

hi bro, can i just buy certificate and key in here ? without point our nameserver to cloudflare ?

Not really. Cloudflare offers dedicated (non-shared) SSL certificate, but it still requires your website to go through Cloudflare, and you would need to install the Cloudflare-issues certificate on your website.

Optionally, you can use Cloudflare with free shared SSL, without installing anything on your server, by using the “flexible” option under Crypto settings.

No offence, but why would you even recommend that? Flexible should never be chosen. :roll_eyes:

example, if i want buy sll for this site site already in Cloudflare) but this site provider dont let us to go to this Cloudflare user and buy sll for this site, so can i buy ssl for this site with another account ?

You dont need to purchase a certificate. Simply have a Cloudflare origin certificate issued in the dashboard and configure that one your server. Done.

they ask must have certificate and key bro

First of all, I am not your “bro”. Thanks :wink:

Second, an origin certificate will get you these two things. Do as I described and you will have a certificate.

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they dont let me to go that cloudflare, so i cant do anything. they just ask give me certificate and key to install

Well, then why dont you give them what they ask based on the issued certificate?

No offense, but why not? If your server does not offer SSL, and you are not a technical person, and your website is just presentation-based, it will do what you want: 1. Put your website on SSL, provide HTTP/2 speed benefits, provide SEO benefits, and looks more professional. The only downside is that the communication between the Cloudflare server and origin server is insecure … which is only critical if website is serving client-specific private data … Furthermore, it would require a lot of factors for anyone to listen in to the communication between the Cloudflare server and origin …

He specifically asked “without point our nameserver to cloudflare”.

That topic has been discussed endlessly. I invite you to use the search.

In short, never use Flexible.

In that case the OP cant use Cloudflare at all. Thats not SSL related at all.

Good argument.

That’s why I replied “not really”, with some suggestions.

The solution is simple. The OP gets an origin certificate.

He has clearly emphasized in both his posts that he will not use Cloudflare as a service, so this is not a solution.

In that case the forum is the wrong place to discuss it in the first place.