Can I installing Cloudflare on a WD PR4100 NAS?

Can I installing Cloudflare on a WD PR4100 NAS (with the latest version of WD OS 5)? If so, is there an app already to download and install or will I have to SSH and manually install it?

Is this regarding cloudflared or

Very interested to know how to install cloudflared in my PR4100 with portainer. I was able to install it in docker by ssh session but after rebooting device, it’s no longer running. Instead of re-installing every time I reboot, I would rather install through Portainer.

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Sorry… I do not understand the question. I would like to use Cloudshare as my reverse proxy for my Plex that is installed on a PR4100 NAS. Is Cloudflare totally in the cloud or do I have to install anything on my NAS?

If so is there an app available for WD PR4100 for Cloudflare

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