Can I host some zip file to download

The average file is around 100M. Is it too big or it’s OK?


I have a 2GB zip on R2 (made accessible over HTTP using GitHub - kotx/render: Cloudflare Worker to proxy and cache requests to R2 ) and they haven’t said anything about it yet

seems like this is basically what R2 is made for, also seems to be allowed by the supplemental terms

Unlike most Cloudflare products, the Developer Platform can be used to host content. 

Workers and R2 are both explicitly stated to be part of the “developer platform” and it states that the platform can be used to host both HTML and non-HTML content

your mileage my vary of course

Specifically KV and Durable Objects as far as Workers - which wouldn’t hold a 2GB asset anyways.

It doesn’t mean you can fetch from somewhere and return a 2GB asset.

R2 would be the only choice for this really.

I’m confused about exactly what you’re saying, so in the scenario of having a worker fetch a 2GB file from R2 & serve it, that is or isn’t allowed? (as an aside/rant: I wish they would just make disallowed actions automatically fail rather than having us try to guess what is & isn’t allowed based on vague/confusing terms of service)

This is fine.

Fetching it from some external service wouldn’t be.

Do it. and if it doesn’t fail, you can do it, unless you hear from them. This shouldn’t be a problem unless you’re trying to do something you shouldn’t.

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