Can I host a website on Cloudflare R2?

Hi, Is it possible to host a website on Cloudflare’s distributed object storage “R2”. If yes, are there any tutorials for this?


Thank you for your interest and asking.

May I ask what kind of content and website are you planning to host with Cloudflare?

I’d suggest you to try out using Cloudflare Pages:

Which would be more suitable for your case and/or question as far as R2 is object-storage for accessing it from/within Cloudflare Workers so far :thinking:

Currently, Cloudflare does not offer a standard and usual web hosting service like web hosting service providers such as Hostgator, GoDaddy, and similar. However, despite this, there are few available options to host and upload files to Cloudflare.

Kindly, let me introduce you to Cloudflare products that might suit your needs, depending on which kind of type of Website and content you would like to host at Cloudflare.

The first that comes to my mind is to host our static website, we could use our existing GitHub repository connected with GitHub Pages, therefore collaborating and deploying it with the Cloudflare Pages platform.

Second, we could use a combination of Cloudflare Workers and Wrangler CLI, including the Workers KV storage to store our data.

In case we are having some photography Website, or a Website with many images, we can use Cloudflare Images to store them, therefore resizing and optimizing the delivery to the visitors per need.

Cloudflare Stream can help us with uploading and storing video materials. We can also use it to live-stream our online events.

Not that long ago, Cloudflare announced object storage called Cloudflare R2, in which we can create buckets and upload files we need as similar as we did until now storing them on a BackBlaze bucket, or any other object-storage platform.

In case you would have some database-like data, the upcoming Cloudflare D1 product would be suitable in that case.

Therefore, there are a couple of ways how we could upload our data to Cloudflare and serve it.

I believe that at least one of the above Cloudflare products could help in your specific case.


Thank you very much. I shall explore these resources

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