Can i host a Minecraft server on port 80. 8080

i am using Cloudflare for my website that only uses port 443. i want to host a mc server in my pc and hide my ip using Cloudflare proxy i notice that those 2 ports are open by the Cloudflare proxy so i though if it is possible to host the Minecraft server and hide my ip address using normal cname and A records. and using port 80 or 8080

You possibly can, but that’s a question for Minecraft, not Cloudflare.

As for tunnelling Minecraft over Cloudflare, that won’t work on port 80 as that is reserved for HTTP. You can use Spectrum, but that is prohibitively expensive on non-Enterprise plans and won’t work on port 80 either.

In short, Cloudflare won’t be the ideal tool for your use case.


what about port 8080?, nmap says that is a port that is opened.i think there is another port like 80433 but i don’t remember

All the Cloudflare proxy ports are HTTP or HTTPS. To do other protocols, you need Spectrum, which is absurdly expensive and not really an answer to any question except for large enterprise accounts.


Same for that port. Cloudflare is primarily for HTTP.

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what about if i use nginx reverse proxy manager. wouldn’t that work?

It won’t make it work with the Cloudflare proxy, but it may be something that can be configured at your location.

Reddit | How can I use nginx as a reverse proxy for my minecraft server?

From the Community Tutorial on DNS records for Minecraft:

point it to the IP address of your Minecraft server. Make sure it is set to :grey: as your server won’t work running through Cloudflare’s proxy.

No, unless you want to pay said traffic fees you cannot use Minecraft with the proxies.

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