Can I have register for FILA.COM.SG

Can I have register for FILA.COM.SG

No. This domain is already registered.

Hi, can I check to request take over ownership?


But I’m pretty sure Fila (a multi-national company) isn’t going to hand it over.

You can see the registration information here.

May I know how should I contact the owner for this?

You have absolutely 0 (zero) chance of obtaining the name. Find another one.

If you wish to waste your time trying to obtain a domain you will never get, the information on who to contact is available on the link in my previous post.

Hi, i have already reach out to the owner for the domain, but they are requesting me to do this. Referring to the email attached

Are you a rep of Fila or something? You didn’t make that clear in your question.

The domain is registered with MARKMONITOR INC and lists [email protected] as a contact address. They might be able to tell you who manages the domain.

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Hi, yes, IT rep for FILA Singapore, you are referring that I need to contact to MARK INC? As this domain owner already mention that need to transfer? as this domain currently park under Cloudflare.

If you’re an IT rep for Fila Singapore, then I would expect you would know exactly who to contact and wouldn’t need to open a conversation here.

If you have read thru mine attach photo, you will know why i posting here, domain owner request me in moving the host to MarkInc. That’s the reason why i post here

I read it.

Contact the IT department for support.

Which IT department I should look? I’ve consult to Owner IT team, and now in stage of moving host from Cloudflare to MarkInc

Cloudflare currently does not support .SG TLD, as per: Cloudflare Registrar - Supported TLD’s