Can I have NS records pointing at multiple DNS providers?

So I’m migrating from Cloudfloor DNS to Cloudflare - just for DNS at the moment.
I’ve managed to create what Cloudflare somewhat confusingly call a “website” and have imported the records from the zone file I exported from Cloudfloor.
I’ve also added the Cloudflare NS servers to my list - which now has NS servers from Cloudfloor, No-ip and Cloudflare.
Is this going to satisfy the CF migration system? It’s been saying “Pending Nameserver Update” for several hours.
I don’t know if it is looking to see ONLY Cloudflare NS addresses, or if it’s just checking to see that at least some of the NS records are pointing at Cloudflare?

Yes, you can only have Cloudflare nameservers.


Thanks for the clarification. The Cloudflare system seems incredibly capable, so slightly surprised that it didn’t send me an email explaining that! :wink:

I’ve now removed the non-Cloudflare NS records. They had a 24 hour TTL on them, so I guess it might take time for Cloudflare to recognise this, unless they look into the detail…

Just realised that the zone file I imported into Cloudflare has the “old” NS records in it.
I have deleted those, but then I’m kind of wondering where NS records are supposed to be hosted - would it be with the registrar or the dns host? And what of SOA records? I was slightly expecting them to be relevant to the migration, but they’re not mentioned.

The apex zone NS records and SOA record are managed automatically by Cloudflare. The delegation records in the parent zone are set from the information that you provide your domain registrar.

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Mmmm. Thanks. Not sure what “The delegation records in the parent zone are set from the information that you provide your domain registrar.” means?
What I’ve done is to set the ns records on my current DNS provider (who is also the registrar) to point to the names cloudflare gave me. Hopefully that will be enough, although I don’t understand why Cloudflare can’t detect pretty much instantaneously that I’ve done it. After all, TTL is a matter of propagation. If you know the current NS record values, you can look immediately, right?

I just have one zone.

I’m slightly surprised that the zone file importer even allowed the NS records to be imported. That might be telling in the future!

If you had shared your domain name, we

Otherwise, it is dependent on you on you knowing how to query the parent zone, or do a whois lookup, to see if you have the correct records set at your registrar.

Cloudflare will periodically check to see if have made the necessary changes. As long as your Cloudflare dashboard shows your domain as pending, there is a good chance that you still have something set incorrectly.

If you are creating NS records in a zone at your current host, you are not updating the nameservers in your whois record at your domain registrar. Until you do that your domain will remain pending.

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Sure - silly me…

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I was under the impression that cloudfloor DNS are the registrar as well as (at least until nowish) the DNS hosting organisation.

So here’s what I’ve been trying:

set type=NS

I get


Non-authoritative answer:
dmclub. net nameserver = ollie. ns. cloudflare. com.
dmclub. net nameserver = merlin. ns. cloudflare. com.

And that’s what I thought Cloudflare want me to do.

You are sending your test NS query to the wrong nameservers. You need to ask the authoritative nameservers for the net. zone.

You would start with: dig ns net.

You then would need to dig @${parent_ns} ns where ${parent_ns} is one of the nameservers returned by the earlier query.

You can also just cheat and look at the whois for your domain and see that you need to remove 2/3 of the nameservers. You domain will remain pending until your assigned Cloudflare nameservers and only your assigned Cloudflare nameservers are present.

If Ollie and Merlin are your assigned Cloudflare nameservers, you need to delete the following from your whois.

Name Server: DNS0.MTGSY.COM
Name Server: DNS1.NAME-S.NET
Name Server: DNS2.NAME-S.NET
Name Server: DNS3.MTGSY.COM
Name Server: DNS4.MTGSY.COM

Thanks - funnily enough I just stumbled across where I think that needs to be done.
It was a bit odd with CloudfloorDNS - I thought that simply editing the zone file was enough, but no - there’s a separate area for NS records that’s outside of the zone itself (which makes perfect sense - otherwise how would anyone even find the zone?)
So that is now updated (i.e. non Cloudflare name servers removed)
Fingers Crossed.

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dig @j. gtld-servers. net ns dmclub. net.

Is now returning the right answer…

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And… dmclub. net Active!

Thanks for all the help!

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Oh dear… Looks like I’ve misunderstood what Cloudflare are doing for me. I’m now getting SSL failure.
eg https:// my . dmclub . net is not working.
How is that even possible? Yikes.
I had assumed it was just DNS - but maybe that’s why they call it a website?

(Switching back to Cloudfloor now until I really understand what Cloudflare is)

I wish I had seen this before you moved your nameservers away from Cloudflare.

All you needed to do was set your hostnames to :grey: DNS Only. :man_shrugging:

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