Can I have 4 Nameservers in DNS records

My domain is through godaddy and name servers are pointing to Cloudflare. My site was working fine with these 2 nameservers

I had to add 2 additional name servers in order to get google mail working.
After I did this email is working but my domain page does not load. I am getting an error 1000

Now you have conflicting DNS. You can only use one pair of Cloudflare name servers, and the account with those name servers should have all DNS records associated with that domain.

Got it. So I cannot have both my domain and email working at the same time? Is there a workaround this?

You don’t need a workaround. A domain can only have one pair of nameservers. Whichever one is active needs an MX (mail exchange) DNS record.


Cloudflare is asking me to change the existing Cloudflare Namecheap servers in godaddy. Please see attached screenshot. The namecheap servers were originally added by Groove funnels. If I change the namecheap servers to what Cloudflare is saying, my groove funnel pages will be broken. How can I have both groove funnels and email work at the same time? I have added the GOOGLE mail MX records in cloudflare DNS settings for my domain already.

I purchased the domain from Godaddy. Nameservers are Cloudflare. Where do I setup the MX recrods for gsuite email to work? Do I add them in Godaddy or in Cloudflare?

If the domain is using Cloudflare name servers, you add these records under “DNS” in the Cloudflare dashboard.

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I can’t find my domain listed in Cloudflare. The instructions say to choose the domain first, then select DNS and then add the MX records. The domain is active but I can’t find it in the list of domains in Cloudflare.

That’s strange. So you purchased a domain at GoDaddy and configured it to use Cloudflare name servers (like and Did you sign up for Cloudflare directly at or is there something else about the setup that would be good to know about? The website is in fact working, it’s just the email you need to fix?

Edit: Noticed that my posts were moved into this thread. My questions might not be relevant as you’ve received some advice here already.

Thanks… Its working,. I had the google MX records messed up!

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