Can I get Workers IP that are not from USA

I have a website that doesn’t allow visitors from the United States
I want to use Workers as a reverse proxy for my website. The problem is Workers IP is always from United States. I don’t want that.

So my question is, can I get Workers IP that are not from USA

I suppose it depends on how your website determines the IP address origin. They all belong to Cloudflare, which some services will report them as US addresses, regardless of their geolocation.

If you comb through the list at, you’ll see they come from all over.

Regardless, you really don’t have control over Workers origin unless you use Enterprise Plan’s Regional Services. Even then, that service really only applies to where your data is stored and processed.

Your only option would be to limit access to your website to all Cloudflare IP addresses, then use Cloudflare’s Firewall Rules to block traffic from the US.


@izlwhd no you cannot. All of Cloudflare’s IP’s are anycasted which means they are announced from every datacentre at the same time, and as @sdayman said the geolocation may not be 100% accurate.