Can I get the latest list of CloudFlare?


I have tried to filter the traffic from Cloudflare using IP addresses.

However, I noticed that the list seemed outdated.

For example, my original server has got the traffic from 2606:54c0:3f20:a0::16:d4, but the IP is not in the list yet (

Where can I get the updated list for the IP addresses?

Thank you!

That IP is not used by Cloudflare when sending requests to origin servers. Instead, it seems to be an IP assigned to clients using iCloud Private Relay from Seoul, Korea (2606:54c0:3f20:a0::/64,KR,KR-11,Seoul,). To me this sounds like someone is sending requests directly to your origin, bypassing Cloudflare. This also suggests you aren’t blocking requests from non-Cloudflare IPs like you should :slightly_smiling_face:


Oh… My mistake!


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