Can I get IPV4 Address from cloudflare?


I am a beginner at making websites so any information you can provide in laymen’s terms I appreciate.

I just want a simple website and Cloudflare has the best pricing.

I am trying to get an IPV4 Address to setup DNS. Does Cloudflare have one after purchasing a domain or must I use a website such as racknerd or wordpress?

Is it possible to customize my website with Cloudflare or is that only possible through another website?

Does anyone have any other checklists needed to set up a basic website?

Is it difficult updating DNS for someone who is a beginner? I know of squarespace but its too expensive for me.

Thank you for your time.

Cloudflare workers or pages can do what you say but not for beginners
You can use azure aws gcp they all offer free vps than you can use aapanel to complete this step by install nginx,it’s simple

If you only want a basic, static site, you may want to take a look at Pages - Cloudflare Pages documentation · Cloudflare Pages docs

Otherwise, you will need a hosting service and they will provide you with the connection details. These you only need to enter on Cloudflare then. Respectively, Cloudflare will import that when you add the site. If so, you should first make sure that the site is loading fine without Cloudflare (and on HTTPS). Once it does, you can set it up on Cloudflare and it should work fine as well.

Overview · Cloudflare Fundamentals docs has more.

Thank you so much. Maybe I bit off more than I can chew. I’m still don’t understand what the difference between a static and dynamic site is.

A static site would be a website without any dynamic parts (e.g. login).

If Pages is an option, then you best follow the provided documentation, but it’s a very specialised service and you will be most likely using standard hosting. For that reason you should get your site working with your host before you use Cloudflare.


I was wondering what the best route is for someone who want’s possibly a static website that doesn’t break the bank. I have tried Cloudflare, but I am stuck at where to paste the SSL and I’m not a website developer so I feel like I have to jump over so many hurdles just to find out there is something else that needs to be done.

Like is there a checklist, or is there an easier alternative that’s not too expensive?

Is there a mentorship program on here??

Thank you for your time.

It really depends on your site. You may want to

Alternatively, you will need to find a proper host first.

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