Can I get Full (Strict) SSL Certificate for Free Domain Name


I have Purchased Domain Name for Free which have TLD such like .tk

now I want to know that can I get Full (Strict) SSL Certificate for this Domain ?

also currently it is showing Universal SSL Certificate, which I don’t understand and also it is not securing my Websites

anyone can clarify me on this?

It is to do with your hosting. If you can install a certificate with your hosting provider then you should be able to.

I’m using 000webhost - Free Hosting

As far as I know with 000, you can only go for flexible.

In which case Off is better, or best, pick a host which supports HTTPS.

can you tell me how to Enable Flexible SSL Certificate with 000webhost ?

Probably the best place to look:

if I’ve to stay OFF then why should I post Question in Community Forum ?

I dont know. You obviously need to find a host which supports HTTPS.

000 isn’t the best… But it is free!! Flexible can be used but it only encrypts the connection between the visitor and CF, not between CF and your server.

… And @sandro hates it!!

don’t post anything if you don’t want to reply Positively.

Dont ask questions on online forums if you cant handle the response.

What you want to do is basically lie to your visitors and pretend to have a secure site when you dont.


Its not so much about “hate” but more about breaking encryption. There is no point in having HTTPS - and pretending to have it - if you still send everything in an unencrypted fashion over the wire. That is dangerous, unsafe, and deceiving.

“Flexible” has an extremely narrow use case and should be used only when one knows exactly what they are doing and why. It should never be a remedy because someone doesnt feel like enabling HTTPS on their origin. IMHO Cloudflare should hide that in the same way they hide the option to disable IPv6.

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I completely get what you’re are saying and I agree that it is misleading.

… But with some hosts it is the only way! (I agree that it shouldn’t be and it shows which hosts are better than others) but 000 is free!!

Then one shouldnt use that host, simple as that I am afraid.

Free is not an excuse for pretending to be secure when one isnt. Regular hosts - which support HTTPS out of the box - are d-i-r-t cheap, there is no single reason to go with a host not supporting HTTPS. Sorry, no understanding in this regard.

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Mr. Sandro when you don’t that what is my website is you don’t have permission to write anything against them

and I just simply asked how to Install, then what you type that DON’T INSTALL IT, what does it mean ?

I am here for help, and I can handle response much better then you, so just stay out of this… you don’t have any manner for how to talk to people…

you are thinking your self as leader, so treat that yourself that way but don’t interfere in Discussion with Negative Response.

and 1 more thing, I am not expert like you that how to add Certificate, and I was confuse that’s why I post question in Community Forum, otherwise I don’t like to publish Spam Post & waste others times.

you have to show how it will work to Beginners, you are not spreading your knowledge to anyone like how to Install SSL Certificate, which one to select.

like @domjh has helped me as he/she can help me.

but what about you, have you helped in any way ? a big NO

I am not against your Post, but try to help others that’s why Community Forum is here, not to make down others post…

and I’m selecting Free Hosting, because I am learning WordPress, that’s why I’m looking for Free Hosting.

and I’ve to Pay for Hosting then I’ve Best Hosting Provider with whom I will Host all my Domain Name & Websites…

and in New Year Morning, you are made my day worst…

by the way HAPPY NEW YEAR

Although you can simply use full instead of flexible, which is secure & doesn’t require any configuration.
Just choose fixed (not fixed strict) in ssl certificate settings under crypto