Can I get free SSL for shopify store?

Hello all, I hope you are doing good in this tough time. It is exciting to join Cloudflare and looking forward to using it fully for the rest of my projects.

So the question is that if it is possible to add an SSL certificate to one of my own Shopify stores for providing an extra layer of security. Will the SSL is completely free or does have charges? And if charges are there, what are those for. will the free one not okay at all? Please advice.

All Shopify tiers provide free SSL. You don’t need Cloudflare if that’s your only objective. In fact, even if you don’t sign up for Cloudflare, you’re already receiving Cloudflare security and Cloudflare’s SSL since Spotify is a Cloudflare business partner and all traffic is sent through Cloudflare before reaching Shopify, for every single Shopify store website.

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