Can I get free SSL Certificate for a website that has new domain and a stable hosting

I have a website live and running. My paid SSL plan got expired. So, Can anyone please let me know, whether Cloudflare provide any FREE SSL or not ?
Thankyou so much for time and efforts !!

Cloudflare provides free edge certificates to proxied sites. These certificates work on the connection between your site visitors and the Cloudflare proxy. You still need a certificate on your origin site. If you will only be allowing access to your site via the Cloudflare proxy, you can install a free Cloudflare origin certificate.

Because this certificate is issued by Cloudflare’s own private certificate authority, the Cloudflare proxy will accept this certificate, but any direct traffic to your site will receive an Unknown Issuer warning. As long as you keep your traffic :orange: proxied, this is a viable solution.

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