Can I get another pair of Nameservers from Cloudflare?

Hello all,

I was facing an issue with SSL Certificates activation from Let’s Encrypt, which I got resolved.

Please see DNS' problem: SERVFAIL looking up A - #10 by pmjcreations - Help - Let's Encrypt Community Support

Believe it or not, the solution was permanently to remove my primary domain from Cloudflare.

Let me explain a bit.

I was using Cloudflare for the primary domain. This domain used to be the authoritative Nameserver to the box.

Since more than a week now, it takes more than 30 seconds to start rendering the page, especially when I force reload or open from Incognito window.

I thought that would be my new ISPs issue. And when I Pause Cloudflare and use it as a DNS Only mode, the speed becomes normal.

Trust me, I toggled this Pause Cloudflare and Resume Cloudflare multiple times with decent interval between to double-check this.

Below is a hypothetical scenario or a coincidence.

At most of them are green, except the servers from the USA.

But the primary domain’s NS were all green. All the domains hosted on this box returned the same error in this test from the USA test networks.

But now, after I change the NS of my primary domain, shows green to all the USA test systems along with other regions.

Let’s Encrypts servers or main validation, and issuance servers are/may located in the USA.

Thus this failure. Who knows. After a week or so, I will try to reconnect with Cloudflare if I get another nameserver.

And I also noticed that Google’s Native Lazyload plugin or WordPress were not working when I use Cloudflare.

My Screaming Frog was not able to crawl my website when Cloudflare activated.

Both Native Lazyload and Screaming Frog works just fine when I switch to DNS only.

For the record, my present NS from Cloudflare is and

Is there any way to identify that there is an issue between my server and Cloudflare? Can I get another pair of Nameservers other than and

The nameservers should not affect any issuance of a certificate.

The only way to possibly change your nameservers is to remove the domain from your current account and create a new account where you add the domain. There is no guarantee though that you will get new nameservers.

That works well.

I used to register this domain with my primary email address which I actively monitor.

I see that we can change the registered email address.

This is the steps I think to take.

  1. Remove the domain from Cloudflare account.
  2. Change the registered email address.
  3. Add domain back.
  4. If I get a different Nameservers, change the email address back to my primary address.

I wish to ask you before I attempt, as I don’t want to look like a potential threat to Cloudflare’s system by any mean.

Please tell me if the steps I listed is reasonable, or I shall use another email address.

No, changing the address wont make that a new account. You will need to register a new account, but there still is no guarantee you will get new nameservers.

Anyhow, the issue seems to have been that Lets Encrypt couldnt resolve With the domain having been removed from Cloudflare it is now impossible to say what happened but it is very unlikely it had anything to do with the nameservers. Most likely the record in question was not configured.

Yeah, thanks for the tip. I will create a new account.

After the primary domain switched from Cloudflare, I can get SSL to all other domains, including

I guess each NS from Cloudflare uses different IPs. If that is true, based on my hypothesis, it is a good idea to use another NS from Cloudflare.

I will create a new account and get a new NS from Cf. Then I will see if all good.

Again, it is very unlikely it had anything even remotely to do with the nameservers. But go ahead and try with another account. If you didnt have the record configured before but will configure it now, it certainly will work now.

I’d simply add the domain back to the current account and take it from there.

I will give it a shot this way. I too don’t want the trouble, but dot online takes more than a day to propagate the NS changes fully.

I understand, changing nameservers generally is not very much recommended. Typically there are no issues with Cloudflare nameservers. That doesnt mean I can rule them out, but it is quite unlikely. As I said, it most likely was an issue with the record, but to clarify this you’d first need to move the domain back.

:wave: @hmwo,

Changing your name servers won’t solve anything here. Nothing you are describing is an issue related to the name servers assigned to your zones.

You may have 99 problems but a nameserver ain’t one.

Nameservers provide DNS resolution. Your website resolved just fine. And when you changed from :orange: to :grey: DNS updated just fine. The performance issues are something else and will require actual troubleshooting.

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Hey @sandro and @OliverGrant,

I have removed and then added back this domain, and I just changed the NS. It will take a few hours.

Interestingly, all the previous data that is including traffic analytics and other settings are there. It wasn’t a reset or start from scratch kind of setup.

I will take a look after a few hours.

Which nameservers did Cloudflare give you this time?

Are you sure you set the nameservers at your registrar? Neither DNS nor Whois shows anything and these changes should be usually relatively fast.

I created a new account, and I got new nameservers.

I changed the NSs, and all looks good now.

I can now install SSL Certificates to my other domains, and other issues I experienced seems gone.

@sandro, do you still want to know my new NSs?

By the way, I am unable to login with my username that initiated this thread.

I will create a separate thread or contact Cloudflare support to resolve that.

You cant have changed that for as they still point to where they always pointed.

Anyhow, if everything is working now, everyhing is working.

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