Can i force Image size (MIrage) and Polish on HTTP request

Long story short I transfer images via Curl, and would like to have them resized via mirage and optimized. these are all my images but I send them to other servers with a rename, and would love to have a different file size on each server so they appear as not the exact same image. Reading about Mirage it sizes the image for what it knows it will be used for, so is this as simple as using a request like <imf src = "***’ width height > settings in http request? and then can i specify one size only and retain form such as width 500.


OK I see Mkrage does not actually resize the image, its simply decides to load a progressive image

Hi Chris,

To confirm - Mirage initially loads in a very lightweight thumbnail and then using some Javascript detection it will optionally load the full size image if Mirage detects the connection speed is good enough. As such this is a an optimisation for mobile devices experiencing poor connectivity at the time the page is loaded, so that they can still see the site rendered with images, but not necessarily at the highest quality.

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