Can I find out the real IP address of the visitor through the Cloudflare control panel?

I need the ip address of the people logged into the website and the log files show the ip used when passing through Cloudflare. I’ve read that I need to use a different header array for this. But since it’s a previous transaction, I can’t find out even if I do this. If I upgrade the Cloudflare plan, can I see the original old IP addresses of the logged in people?

Or will Cloudflare tell me that? If I forward Cloudflare’s forwarded ip address time and user agent.

What can I do for this? Do you have an idea?

You can’t get the IP for a previous request.

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Some articles said that by upgrading the plan, visitors could see the original threads. Even if we do a plan upgrade, we can’t see it?

What articles are these? I could be mistaken, but I’m pretty sure the only way to real IPs is real-time and not historic.