Can I export zero trust logs with pay-as-you-go license?

Can I export zero trust logs(admin, access, gateway) with Zero Trust pay-as-you-go license?

Not sure what the pay-as-you-go license is. But log retention seems to be somewhat limited on the free plan. Zero Trust logs · Cloudflare Zero Trust docs

  • Access logs (with that limited range) can be exported in the dashboard and using log push
  • Admin logs can be found as Audit Logs in the main account dashboard for the domain where they can be exported. They have a wider range it seems
  • Gateway logs export (log push in this case) are only available on the enterprise plan

Ah I have just found out about the ‘pay as you go’ plan:

It’s possible that is just a rebranded ‘Standard’ plan as referenced here

If you look at the plan page you can see a more detailed breakdown of what level of logging services each plan has.

Either the docs or the plan page are out of date/sync.

thanks, yes, it’s not clear to me if I could pull logs via API since I don’t see any button for me to download logs.