Can I disable local browser caching?

I keep running into the issue of asking customers and anyone else wanting to view our site to have to clear their browser cache when I update it, which is annoying, and unprofessional.

I have caching set on Cloudflare, and whenever I make a design change, I purge all cache, expecting then the new changes to immediately show whenever someone browses the site.

However, they still see the old site, because their browser has cached it. How can I disable the local browser cache, but still keep the ability to cache within Cloudflare, and purge it when I need?

From the Cloudflare Caching settings, lower the Browser Cache Expiration to 30 minutes. That should keep the site quick during a visit, but flush the browser cache shortly thereafter. NOTE: This expiration time is what Cloudflare will set unless longer time periods are specified at your web server.

Make sure you don’t have any Page Rules that set the Browser Cache.

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