Can I disable CDN?




I have my own server (enough speed for small uploads) and I would like to bypass that 100 MB upload limit by disabling the CDN and to make files to be uploaded to my own server.

How can I do it? Is that actually possible?

(P.S. if you’ll be telling me what happens to my bandwidth when I disable it, just want you to know that my hosting allows unlimited bandwidth, so there are no worries).

Thanks and see you soon!


So you aren’t worried about caching or speed, but want the security and other protections? If you :grey: your domain it will disable all features except DNS. Instead you will want to do a page rule to disable caching. You can see details on excluding URLs in this help article. You’ll probably want a wildcard for the whole site.


Max file upload size isn’t a feature of the CDN unfortunately, it is an aspect of the proxy itself. You could have the file upload point to a host/name which is not :orange: While still serving the other content through Cloudflare.


Thanks for clarifying that part. Wasn’t thinking of that when I replied :facepalm: