Can I delete all Cloudflare records?

I want to stop using Cloudflare, it makes my site slow…

Is this where I do it?

Manage your Domain Name System (DNS) settings
DNS Records

A, AAAA, and CNAME records can have their traffic routed through the Cloudflare system. Add more records using this form, and click the cloud next to each record to toggle Cloudflare on or off.

And I have toggled the cloud off, so Cloudflare is now off?
Can I delete the records or is it fine to just toggle the cloud off?


:orange: = active with cache, ssl, DDoS protection with all the other fancy stuff :wink:

:grey: = inactive. All requests will directly go to your server.

It’s fine to just to toggle your records to :grey: and use Cloudflare for DNS management only
But it’s a pity :frowning:

Bit I’ve never heard, that Cloudflare slows down websites, though there may be some routing issues sometimes due to network problems or maintenance

Take a moment and read this article. It might help you:


Thanks for your reply! It helps.

I’m not sure if it’s Cloudflare slowing down the website, I’ve got a combo of several plugins, all cobbled together by me… I’m switching them off 1 by 1…

Thanks again

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Many users here love and Pingdom’s Full Page Test. Their Waterfall views are quite insightful regarding load times. Firefox and Chrome’s Dev Tools are also pretty helpful, but the websites above are prettier.

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