Can I create DNS Records for Subdomains?

I am trying to understand if I can create DNS records for subdomain. An use case scenario is let’s say I have for which I want to maintain separate DNS like MX records to ensure [email protected] always get through.

At the same time I also want a domain name which is subdomain and I want similar DNS records for example a MX record created for so that any mails coming to [email protected] will also get through.

Is this possible?


Yes. It is possible. You only need add the appropriate records.

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How do I add,
can you please share some sample entries?


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Date 14/08/23, 7:33:34 PM
Subject [Cloudflare Community] [Website, Application, Performance/DNS & Network] Can I create DNS Records for Subdomains?

Please read the tutorial in my previous reply. It covers how to add a variety of DNS records and contains examples.

If you have a specific question about something you added not doing what you expected, please share what you have done, along with what you expected to happen and what actually happened.

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