Can I create an additional new Cloudflare account without signing up as a new user?

I already have a Cloudflare account and user for my business. I’ve been hired by a decidedly non-technical client to help them with IT-related things. I’m considering moving their domain registration and DNS to Cloudflare and I’d like for them to have their own Cloudflare account.

My first instinct was to try and create a new account but couldn’t find a way to do it. I discovered I could invite new members to my existing Cloudflare account but I was not able to find a way to create a brand new account.

Since my client is not technical, I wanted to set up the account for them so I do not have to figure out how to walk them through the account set up process and then to invite me to their account.

Since it looked like I needed to “sign up” again to create a new account, I tried using [email protected] (where [email protected] is my current user’s email address) but I got a 1100 error because Cloudflare detected it as an alias of an existing account.

Is there another way for me to create a new Cloudflare account and to ensure my existing Cloudflare user is a member without requiring my client to sign up themselves?

To be clear, the end goal is for the client to own the account. I’d just rather set it up for them first and then invite them as a member (and potentially transfer super role to them) later in the process.

I don’t think this is possible without Enterprise plan. Anyway, you can try contact Cloudflare Support and see they able to assist you or not.

Login and go to, then select Get More Help.

In my opinion, having the Client create an account, and then getting them to invite you is a best practice. You still get all the access you need, and they still retain full control over their account.

There are plenty of instances in this Community of such relationships ending badly (death, taxes etc.), and the client losing all access to their account and domains, because they were all associated with somebody else’s account.


You do have a few options, @beau, the enterprise plan @erictung mentioned gives you a lot more granularity in roles, but also costs a lot more. Some options:

  • Have your customer sign up to create a new account and add you as a member of the account. They remove you when the work is complete.
  • You use a throw away email and create the account and add the domain. When the engagement is complete, follow this guide to change the Super Admin and hand off the account to them:

Nice trick @cloonan :+1:

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