Can i create a rule in free plan like this?

Hello ,

The rule i want to create is

if is bot and not equals google bot or bing bot or other search engines bot

then block or js chalenge .

Can i create a rule like this in free plan ?

Also, will I have any problem with cloudflare services if I set a rule like this?

If i can not create a rule like this in free plan what can i do to block malicious bots that request web site urls causing the page to crash continuously?

Thanks in advance


You can enable Bot Fight Mode on a Free Plan. It is wise enough not to block search engine crawlers. However, there’s no way to skip it based on other rules, and it may at times result in false positives, challenging legitimate visitors.

This is a feature to be used only for as long as the attack against your website lasts, then you should disable it.

Thanks for the reply cbrandt, . Bot fight mode is enable but do not know how to stop all off these ,malicious bots causing my site to crash.

if i have bot fight enable and custom rules for bots in firewall is ok ? Or not?

Thanks in advance

Bot Fight Mode is an automated tool meant for when your site is under constant attack from bots. If it’s already enabled and you’re still seeing lots of bots, sure, you should go ahead and create Custom Rules (aka Firewall Rules) based on the pattern of these bots (User Agents, IP/ranges, ASN, country of origin etc.)

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