Can I completely bypass CloudFlare for a URL?

I use CloudFlare on my website since I was once hit with a DDoS attack, and Cloudflare has fixed the issue, awesome!

However, this comes with a 100 MB request limit. My website is an image hosting service, and some users upload files larger than 100 MB.

For the main use case, I did implement chunked uploads, but I am wondering:

can I completely disable CloudFlare security on a particular URL (in my case /upload/process) so that while that URL will be a weak point, at least the 100 MB limit will not apply.

I tried a page rule to “Disable security” on that path, but it didn’t work.


On a path not, but if you have a completely different hostname, yes. Just add another hostname in your DNS settings and make sure it is :grey:.

This is the correct way, you can use a second-level domain name.
Of course, don’t be found out, or you will directly attack the origin server.

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