Can I choose a region specific nameserver?

Hi all

I’d like to be able to select a region such that my websites to get a regional IP. E.G. a UK based business gets a UK-region Cloudflare IP/Nameserver instead of USA IPs. Is that doable in cloudflare?


Hi @vin,

Cloudflare uses an anycase network so although you will see a US IP, you will most likely be routed to a data centre nearer to you.

Hey @domjh

Thank you.
But is there any way I can set the nameservers manually to get that region’s IP?

No, you can’t change region for the IP etc. Is there an issue you are having that makes you want to change it?

There is no region IP. Any IP tool being used to lookup. aCloudflare Anycast IP address has no concept of an Anycast network. has a single IP address advertised from hundreds of Cloudflare datacenters around the Globe. Through the magic pf BGP users are routed to the one closest to them.

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