Can I change the domain name?

We are changing the domain of one of our websites. Is it possible to make this change in Cloudflare, or do we need to create a new one and delete the old? It’s on the Pro plan and it would be nice to keep all the settings, etc. Thanks

I am afraid this is not possible at neither domain registrar.

You should register a new domain, if it’s available.

Maybe something could be done with the Registrar Team, if that so, as an exception of it, but I cannot guarantee it.

Could you try to open a ticket to Cloudflare Support and share your ticket number here so we could escalated it, at least you could try to get this done with Registrar / Billing.

Or at least, get refund for “wrong name” domain name, therefore you’d register a new one and select Pro plan for that new “correct name” domain name.

Maybe @salvador could know something more about it and @Laurie could know if that could be done with refund, if so.

Thank you. We’ve already registered the domain (with a third party, as the first one was/is also), we’re just trying to change it in the Cloudflare “Websites” section, for DNS, etc.

You will need to add it as a new domain and assign the configuration preferences you desire. You can add the Pro Plan to the new domain to support any features that require it.

If you expect this to be a one off task, it may not be worth your effort to implement any automation procedures. If you expect to configure domains on Cloudflare often, it is probably worth exploring ways to leverage the API.

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It does not seem that Cloudflare Registrar is involved on this. If it was, we are unable to change the domain name since any change would imply a new Registration and customers must Register any new domain name.

As mentioned above, the settings have to be migrated to the new domain: Moving domains between Cloudflare accounts

Any paid feature will have to be added again to the new domain and cancel the ones in the old domain if they are no longer needed.

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