Can I change the Cloudflare DNS servers for my account?

I have published a website using Groove, which uses a couple of specific Cloudflare servers. The domain is through Namecheap. I have set up the name servers in Namecheap, so my website is live.

I also want email through Namecheap on this specific domain. To do that I have to bring that domain into Cloudflare and create some DNS records. When I do that, I have to use name servers given me by Cloudflare to get the email to work right.

When I change the name servers in Namecheap so my email works, I break my website. When I change the name servers so my website works, I can’t get email!

These are all Cloudflare name servers. How can I get them synchronized?

I’d get my site working and then use this #tutorials to get email to work

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